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How Piano Movers Move Your Piano

Whether you’re moving a grand or an upright piano, it takes both brains and brawn to transport it safely. Inexperienced movers often end up dropping or damaging the instrument, which is costly and can ruin the piano’s sound forever. Professional piano movers have the manpower, equipment and experience to transport your beloved heirloom with care. The best way to find a reputable piano mover is by using Shiply, which matches you with top-rated local companies based on feedback and reviews.

When hiring piano movers, it’s crucial to ensure they’re insured. Any reputable company will be happy to provide proof of insurance upon request, and will be able to clearly explain the types of coverage they offer (GL, cargo and bailee property). You should also make sure that the piano movers you’re considering have a valid license and are registered with the state. You can do this by visiting the Department of Consumer Services website and searching for the company’s name.

Before the actual move, piano movers will thoroughly inspect the condition of the instrument and remove any accessories that can’t be moved (legs and pedal extensions). Then they’ll determine the most efficient route from your house to their vehicle, taking into account things like tight turns, flights of stairs, and driveways that could get in the way. They’ll then strap the piano to a dolly and wrap it in padded material for extra protection.

The last step is getting the piano to their truck, where they’ll secure it and load it onto their trailer or van. It’s important to note that these vehicles have a special compartment built for moving pianos, which is designed to keep the instrument secured and protected while in transit.

Once they reach their destination, the piano movers will unload the instrument and put it back together, tuning it to ensure that it’s in good working order. Then they’ll either put it into its new home or help you to place it in a case and into an upright position.

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that while some piano movers specialize in domestic relocations, others have global capabilities. Companies like Mayflower, for example, offer both domestic and international moving services, as well as storage options for household items.

How Much Do Piano Movers Cost?

The cost of hiring piano movers will vary depending on the size and weight of your instrument, and how difficult it is to transport. Some movers charge by the hour, while others will give you a flat rate that covers both labor and equipment usage.

The other major factor that will affect the price is how urgently you need your piano moved. If you need it to be moved within a certain timeframe, that will add to the overall cost because the piano movers will likely be charged more for expediting the process. The more flexible you can be with your timing, the more affordable the piano movers will be.